Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles For Sale in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Our Certified Pre-owned Vehicle (CPO) program offers a variety of inventory options, including nearly-new vehicles, at an exceptional value. Your best CPO ownership years are just around the corner at Plaza Auto Group. To say we consider every detail when we give it our Certified stamp of approval is hardly an exaggeration. There's no better demonstration of our attention to detail than our multi-point inspection process performed by our factory-trained technicians in our Service Centre. No other dealership near Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Vaughan, North York, Markham, and the Greater Toronto Area, puts its Certified pre-owned cars through a harsher, or more encompassing, examination. An examination every vehicle has to ace to qualify as Certified Pre-Owned.

What Does It Mean When a Vehicle Is Listed As Certified Pre-Owned?

Vehicles are accepted into our CPO program after it has undergone a detailed inspection and safety process. The program also gives our customers many of the same benefits of buying a brand-new car. These benefits include extended warranties, special financing, promotional offers, a free exchange program, plus more. For us to sell a vehicle as CPO, the car must not only pass a thorough inspection, it must also meet an age and mileage requirement as set out by the manufacturer.

What Is The Difference Between Pre-Owned and Certified Pre-Owned?

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle has undergone a complete inspection, and any defected or worn parts must be repaired before being listed for sale. When buying a used car that is not certified, the buyer must pay for an inspection and usually any associated repairs required to ensure the vehicle is road-worthy.

Is It Worth It To Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

When you choose to buy a CPO vehicle for sale in Richmond Hill, Ontario, you can rest assured knowing that our staff at Plaza Auto Group have given that vehicle extra special care and attention. A CPO gives you almost as much, if not the same, warranties and assurances of a new car. Contact us to ask about our CPO program and the added benefits associated.

Which Car Company Has The Best Certified Pre-Owned Program?

Kia, Subaru, and Volkswagen each offer a remarkable Certified Pre-Owned program.

  • Volkswagen - The Volkswagen CPO program includes a 112-point inspection, an interest-free 90-day payment deferral, and a standard Assurance Warranty Program with the option to upgrade to the Premium Assurance Program.
  • Subaru - The Subaru CPO program includes a Certified Limited warranty, exchange privilege, roadside assistance, attractive financing, and 152-point inspection.
  • Kia - The Kia CPO program includes 135-point inspection, three free lube/oil/ filter changes, mechanical breakdown protection, $500 graduation bonus offer, vehicle history report, and a 15 day/1000 km exchange privilege.

Can You Haggle on Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles?

When searching our inventory of CPO vehicles, you may notice they are a bit pricer then their non-certified used vehicle counterpart. This is because they have lower mileage and are backed by a warranty. Our prices are based on comparable vehicles for sale across the region and allow for us to ensure every certified pre-owned vehicle is priced accurately and reasonably. We review these prices regularly to ensure they remain competitive and offer the best value available. If you find a CPO vehicle that is similar to one we have listed at a lower cost, let us know, and we will be happy to discuss pricing options.