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What Is Automobile Detailing? Detailing your automobile entails making it spotless clean from top to bottom using specialist equipment and materials. Typically, a detailer will also do minor, aesthetic touch-ups, but not paint or bodywork repairs. If you want your Kia to shine like new, the Orillia Kia detailing Centre is the place to go. Our detailing service experts have years of expertise and are conscientious about the quality of their work. Trust our staff, which is driven only by the desire to surpass your expectations.

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Orillia Auto Spa is located at 1 James St East, Orillia, ON L3V 1K9, right across the street from Subaru of Orillia. Call us at 705-325-4304 to book your detailing appointment.

We offer a wide variety of detailing packages suited to cover any of your detailing needs, all performed by our experienced detailers.

  • Complete detailing from $199.99*
  • Interior detailing from $129.00*
  • Exterior wash, clean windows inside and out from $45.00**

Orillia Auto Spa Detail Pricing

  • Exterior wash, clean windows inside and out from $45.00*
  • Full vehicle waxing $80.00*
  • Complete vehicle detailing $199.00*
  • Trunk cleaning or engine detailing $40.00
  • Children's car seats $25.00/seat
  • Rainex windshield treatment $12.95
  • Rustproofing or electronic rust modules from $399.00
  • Hood tape protection from $249.00
  • Scratch removal starting at $59.00
  • Fabric protection $79.00

Additional Services Available:

  • Window tint
  • 3M Hood Guard
  • Scratch Removal
  • Paint and fabric protection
We also offer the following:
  • Dent repairs
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Clay barring*
  • Full clean ups available on motorcycles, trailers, motor homes and more.

* Prices may vary according to vehicle size and condition, an additional charge of $50.00 for Trucks, Vans and SUVs. Extra charges apply for heavy dog hair removal, tree sap or heavily soiled interiors. Taxes and applicable enviro fees extra.

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Contact us to book your appointment with our Service Centre and check out our website for more elaborate details on our parts Centre and general packages.


Orillia Auto Spa

1 James St East, Orillia, Ontario
L3V 1K9
Call us at 705-325-4304 to book your detailing appointment
Orillia Auto Spa - Plaza Auto Group in Ontario

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Interior Cleaning

The full car interior detailing procedure requires thoroughly and spotlessly cleaning the inside of your vehicle. A complete interior cleaning includes steam cleaning and vacuuming. A filthy interior may contribute to an unpleasant odour and the spread of allergies.

A comprehensive interior detailing job includes all the usual processes. The procedure starts with installing a ceramic coating on your car, followed by conditioning leather seats, a complete wipe-down, shampooing seats and floor mats, dressing plastic, and mould removal on the outside.

Comprehensive detailing also includes repairing, cleaning, and exceeding the original state of a car's external components. Included in this category are windows, wheels, and tires. If you want to restore the appearance of the outside of your vehicle, this service is all you need. You can accomplish this in two ways: a pressure washer or detergents, ideal for a black car.

Interior Cleaning  - Orillia Auto Spa - Plaza Auto Group in Ontario

Exterior Cleaning

You may choose a waterless, comprehensive vehicle exterior cleaning service that utilizes chemicals such as polishes and degreases, eliminating the need to dry the body before continuing the procedure. The next stage is polishing to restore the car's gloss, followed by waxing. The wax protects, seals the polish, and gives your vehicle a lustrous sheen. However, pre-waxing with a clay bar eliminates all impurities and improves the car's condition, making this service superior to simple waxing.

Exterior Cleaning  - Orillia Auto Spa - Plaza Auto Group in Ontario

Detail Packages

We care about the appearance and condition of your vehicle, and we can assist you with a variety of detailing services, including winter and summer protection for your car. We have a variety of cleaning services inside and out, including restoring the appearance of your vehicle, removing dents and scratches, engine bay cleaning, and carpet cleaning, all at affordable rates.